The company LOGO is mainly composed of circle lines, the earth and “东来”,total three parts.

(1) Line: on behalf of the company's products–stainless steel wire; Line surrounds the earth, indicating the grand strategic objectives of company marketing all over the world.

(2) The earth: The earth is  "round" shape, corresponding to the company culture of "concentric precision, sustainable management". 

     "Circle" is "concentric circle", representing the company, employees, customers and suppliers are concentric together;

      "Circle" is "quality circle", representing the product quality precision, service quality accurate; 

      "Circle" is "business circle", representing the company’s sustainable business philosophy.

(3)"东来" is the company name.

Business philosophy: concentric precisely、sustainable management

From foundation Tonglai company adheres to the management attitude of “one mind, precision reliable and brainstorm ideas and effort”, Working hard together for the future of the company. For the sustainable management, Tonglai works out long term schedule for each department such as Sales Dep., Finance Dep., Personnel Dep., Production Dep.and so on respectively, develops toward the direction of "technological innovation, product diversification and production professional" and expects the development of the company as a whole, benign and interactive, not just for the company's own growth, but more for our customers to get the maximum benefit, achieve common development together hand in hand.

In the unprecedented fierce competition market environment, fully meeting customer’s demand, improving customer’s satisfaction continuously are the basis of the enterprise keeping running smoothly and promoting the competitiveness of itself. Therefore, Tonglai company insists philosophy that putting customer satisfaction in the first, common development with customers, and even to walk in the front of the customers, keep eyes with the future needs of customers and market, win the praises of customers forever with professional technology, precision quality. Tonglai Company will always walk in the tip of the market, and put the customer’s interest on the first line of the enterprise forever.

Talents are the root of the enterprise.  Tonglai company believes that "Talents is the enterprise's greatest wealth”! The company puts on the management of person in the first place, the management of the capital in the second. Following the the management philosophy of "fair, just and open", Tonglai company has established a fair appraisal system, rewards and punishment regulations, open promotion channel, and perfect employee’s welfare and training programs gradually, all of these formed a kind of Tonglai's corporate culture, which let the staffs deeply understand the company, understand the company's business trends and go forward in the same direction with company shoulder in shoulder.

We believe that only by insisting on the philosophy of "concentric precision", combining with the company, employees, customers and suppliers, forming a common target prospects, keeping good interaction and mutual care between four parts, so that focus on creating mutual advantageous factors, so as to achieve the goal of business continuity.

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